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It’s another STRAIGHT SHOOT panel! This time featuring former WWE Creative member Andrew Goldstein and KING MAUL cartoonist Zak Kinsella! We talk about…

  • Brock Lesnar as the new WWE Champion and potential challengers
  • Whether Randy Orton has lost his mystique
  • How criminally Mark Henry has been underutilized
  • The continuing genius of Stephanie McMahon
  • And the rest of the show!


Hey, Internet.

Here is a very cursory, very quick dump of some links you may find useful for quick-reference context when some ignorant jackass tries to insist that what is going on in Ferguson has nothing to do with race.

Note that this is not remotely comprehensive; it’s just what I happen to have open in tabs at the moment. Please add/amend/annotate as you see fit:


Best Twitter list of journalists reporting from the ground that I’ve found so far:

If you’ve got the money to spare, please throw some this way:

(Edited to fix missing link.)

Warm up sketch. I don’t often post these because they’re just warm ups to get my arm working well with a brush that day. But, ah, I thought I’d post this one because every so often I’ll draw someone in my life that’s making a difference to me. This is Natalie aka @lil_soul_mama — I felt like I had to try and capture her infectious enthusiasm. It’s rare when she doesn’t have a smile, which is super cool. I don’t think I’ve ever had someone so positive in my life, and it’s a huge change. There are days when I don’t especially want to get up, and do it, and it seems like on those days I find a super cool comment or something like that from her. I’m sounding like a total dorkoid, but I reckon you have to let the people in your life know you appreciate them. I hope I captured your energy, Nat! Thanks for being one of the best.
Sidebar: I’m like totally in love with the color purple these days, so uh, expect more of it.

My pal & fellow comic artist Lonnie described this panel as reminding him of extreme Sergio Leone close ups. Man, talk about a compliment huh? Also anytime I can break a panel with just eyebrows is a good time for me.

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