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I’m in the middle of drawing the best pages of comics that straightshoot has been writing — an amazing space barbarian story that is gonna ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! But I can’t post any pages from that — yet. 

While I was working last night though I started feeling depressed. Yeah, I know, an artist with depression issues. Super original… but I don’t deal with it as much as I used to. I have my days, and I have my coping mechanisms which we’ll get to in a moment. But seriously I’m having a pretty good time with life right now. Since March really life has been pretty fantastic. I started a podcast with two pals, I cranked out issue 3 of Midspace, there’s this awesome new comic I’m working on right now, and I’m part of a fantastic network of artists via the Denver Drink & Draw. Lots of cool stuff is happening in my life so I really have no complaints!
   However some days the chemicals in my brain just suck at working. So I’ve figured out drawing what I really really love is my best coping mechanism. I love drawing women in space gear. I don’t know — it’s just fun. It gives me the chance to get better at drawing women, and I get to draw cool bubble helmets and weird mech gear. You can kind of see where my progression of being sad bastard turns into having fun. It took like 3 drawings but the fun kicks in, and it’s quite evident. It’s the challenge, and especially the challenge of drawing different ethnicities. 

    The final two in specific. I used these shots of Spanish women in the militia of the Spanish Civil War as reference. Man — those Spanish women are just gorgeous. It makes a guy wanna move to Spain. Because duh.

Anyways, this is how I deal with things. Not that anyone wanted to know, but there it is anyways. I only used quick two tone colors because they’re quick sketches. I also did them with brush pen, which I HATE. It’s like going from drawing with a wonderfully thin, steady brush to having a giant stick with a “brush” tip on the end. But I’m determined to get better at them for traveling to cons. 

Ugh, ok I talked too much. Big mouth types again. 

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