Tentacles, sadism, screaming…today’s new KING MAUL page is like your favorite anime porn, minus all the guilt and self-loathing afterward! Click through for the lettered version!

"A Letter To You."

Process: 8 pages on a 6” by 9” Bristol sketchbook. Inked with a brush. Lettered & colored in Photoshop. Font is “Palatino Linotype” 12 point.

Right, so I’ve wanted to do something personal for awhile. I wrote this initially as a letter after dating someone whose personality I quite enjoyed. This was back towards the beginning of the year, so I think I wrote this letter a month or two afterwards… maybe in May?… however the just writing wasn’t really working for me this time, so I took some inspiration from my pal Lonnie, and made it into a comic. Except with a comic it’s like you’re making a haiku of a larger story. You only get to put in the most pertinent elements, and you’re trying to retain the impact of eloquence in a smaller space. It’s what makes comics so wonderful, but so excruciatingly difficult at the same time. 

Regardless, and this may sound selfish, but this comic was for me. I’m not looking for anyone’s pity, or reassurance. I also don’t want this to be seen as some weirdo attempt to get in anyone’s good graces. People like to read too much into things, so there’s that straight up for ya. I just wanted to see if I could tell a story about an event that personally impacted me. I wanted to do it in a way that the person who I was involved with would know who they are (hopefully the inside references did their job!), but the rest of the world wouldn’t. Just as an issue of respect… even though I’m putting our story out for the world to see, I’m not keen on telling anyone the specifics. She’s the only one to know the specifics; sorry amigos. 

It was fun to do this story without putting anyone in it. Two separate planes in this story was the most daunting task, and I’m feeling pretty dang good about the way I did it. I think it’s the first time I’ve really put my photographic memory to the test. Pretty cool way to stay sharp. 

Anyways, so this is me. Who I am. It feels good to have put this out, and to be moving along with life. My dating life may be utter shenanigans set to repeat, but I’m pretty happy with my life in comics right now. I suppose if this jam has a soundtrack it would be "Dear Marge" by Stereolab. “The joy of love, to open up” indeed. Give it a listen if you want to re-read the comic.

In closing: If you liked this well then I reckon that’s pretty cool. 

This gal I met at Thin Man last night. She spied me drawing her, and well… Spoilers ☝️

French Montana for @spifftv — I liked doing the chains on this one.